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  1. It was smadav all along, I uninstalled smadav and cleaned the malicious folders before doing the fix, now these malicious folders are gone after rebooting (for now), at least the problem is resolved for now, I will notify you when somewhat I run into trouble again. Thanks A Lot For Your Help Thank You Err, what should I do next? have a beer maybe? Fixlog2(ichibangassen).txt
  2. Oops, sorry I loaded wrong OS to repair, here is the file, please note that I found two more suspicious folders in%User%-> AppData->Local->Temp, both are WPDNSE and wup, malware suspected FRST_2(ichibangassen).txt
  3. OK, here is the file, and I just found there are 2 suspicious folders in AppData->Local->Temp, They are WPDNSE and wup folder, I suspect these folders are malicious FRST(ichibangassen).txt
  4. Just wake up from sleep it's a morning here, this is the file you need, what should I do next? Fixlog(ichibangassen).txt
  5. Ok, done, it was quite long mbar-log-2020-02-28 (22-10-17)ichibangassen.txt system-log(ichibangassen).txt
  6. Need solution, My PC got infected with EpicNet.inc/CloudNet/glupteba/or whatever, they keep coming after rebooting, I need your help to get rid of these pesky malware, step by step guide will be appreciated.
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