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  1. Hi @AdvancedSetup, thanks for clarification. This fits well from a timely perspective, because my PC troubles started in January when setting up a brand new PC with KIS 20 initially (of course by using the regular online installer at that time) and upgrading from KIS 19 to KIS 20 on my laptop parallely. Didn´t check the KIS patch version but it must have been patch E or later.
  2. @x64 From my point of view YES. Meanwhile I´m using KIS 19 and MB both in real time scan mode on 3 PCs/Laptop up to now pretty stable and without any problems. KIS v (l) [means incl. Patch "L"]; MB v Premium 4.1.0; Win10 Pro v 1909 on each PC. My experience was that KIS 19 posed no problems at any time by using MB as real time scanner regardless of KIS 19 patch and MB version. (Although KIS 19 lost some good features compared to KIS 18 - but that is another issue.) Didn´t try KIS 20 in combination with new MB fix up to now - had definitely too much trouble with KIS 20 in
  3. @muizamsa If you want to use KAV / KIS / KTS v 2020 there will be no need to uninstall MBAM; for the time being (i.e. until KL will fix the conflict issue for 2020 versions) it should be possible to run Malwarebytes not as a real time scanner but only "on demand" (meaning checking your PC by Malwarebytes by a manually initiated scan) without being conflicted by Kaspersky. This is a hint I red in the Kaspersky forum but to be honest I didn´t try whether this will really work and your complete PC system will be stable. (Will not try this because I had too much trouble with KIS 2020.) U
  4. Hi all, Would like to share my experiences since upgrading to KIS (Kaspersky Internet Security) 2020. Did it unfortunately on 2 PCs (Workstation & laptop, both HP, both W10 v 1909) while MBAM version 4.0.4. premium has been installed (and still is installed). All problems described by @Conexion21 appeared and more. Parallely I´m using another PC (also W10 v 1909) but with former KIS 2019 - and it runs without any problems while both scanners KIS and MBAM run real time! So I did a new setup (not fully) of my laptop by proper deinstalling KIS 2020, cleaning it by Regitry First Aid 11(to
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