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  1. No, it's alright now. Thank you for everything, you are great help !
  2. This is Microsoft Safety Scanner result. P/s: Do I need the ESET Online Scanner ? If it is needed, can I have an alternated for that ? Because I searched it on Google and I find people having more problems about ESET. msert.log
  3. I'm doing the next step downloading Microsoft Safety Scanner but suddenly my download speed is becoming KB/s, which makes 108MB of the MSERT.exe becomes 1 hour of download. Is this some kind of counter attack by the virus ? Youtube videos still load in 1080p smoothly, not a single website I open in the Chrome browser hang, only the download speed slow down. I have heard that the Internet cable under the sea have problem in my country Vietnam and will be fixed in 1 or 2 days, but this morning when I download Farbar everything download at normal speed. Is this happen when they are fixing the sea cable ? To be clear, why I think I got infected is that about 2-3 days ago I mistyped "Google.com" on the Steam in-game browser. It redirected me to another website (Selling watch or something). I turn it off. Everything works normally, not a single sympton, my computer not crash, not slow down, my browser not redirect, nothing pop-up (Both Chrome and the Steam in-game browser), ... everything works fine. I could be paranoid but I know, when it comes to those Google impostors, we must be safe than sorry.
  4. Edit: I see it, the Health Report. Last Scan: 2/26/2020. Windows Time Service: No Issues. Storage Capacity: No Issues. Apps and Software: No Issues.
  5. I did the Offline Scan. But where is the result ? The Current Threats said: No current threats. Last Scan: 2/22/2020 3:58PM (Quick Scan) 0 Threats found. Scan lasted 6 minutes. I don't see the report for today Offline Scan 2/26/2020 ?
  6. I have already used both Malwarebytes scan and Adwcleaner. Malwarebytes scan: Clean, no threat found. Adwcleaner: 1 PUP.Optional.Legacy, Quarantine and clean. Adwcleaner (2nd time to make sure): Clean, no theat found. Farbar: The 2 files above.
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