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  1. Thank you Treed. I did visit that site you provided. My only concern was it doesn't match the current version. That page shows the active version as 4.1 (not 4.1.28). We using this information to make sure the client is running the most updated version available. The monitoring software allows to make sure all the computers on the network are updated and no errors connecting and updating. We are currently using data from the product.info file. I would love to have access to compare the installed version to the current version. We would also like to know how to get notification that a threat is/was found. The end of each month we provide a detailed report to the IT manager letting them know of any problems and threats the have been taking care of. Client Edition: Premium Client Version: Active Scan: ON VERSION DATABASE 4.0.461
  2. Thank you Adas, I have that info. Im looking for a way to query your site (https://sirius.mwbsys.com/api/v1/updates/manifest.json) for the current version. I want to know that the client has 4.1.28 installed but 4.2 is available. The product we using is Malwarebytes for Mac.
  3. Any api/endpoint or way to find out the current available mac client version number (4.1.28)? We have a script to tell us if Malwarebytes is installed on client computers. I would like to add a flag that lets us know the end user is not running the current version.
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