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  1. Many thanks. Any idea what is going on with https://soundcloudmanager.com/? Customer still says they cannot access the page unless they disable malwarebytes. I know the poster above said it isn't blocked, but if malwarebytes = on doesn't work and maywalrebytes = off does work, then something malwarebytes is doing is the cause. Are they are any log files or anything I can ask from the customer to provide to you that will show mawlwarebytes is / isn't the cause? Regards, Martin
  2. ahh yes, just saw your signature. Thanks anyway
  3. thank you for checking. Does it say what exactly is the issue? What file? What page is serving this "trojan". We offer windows desktop .exe applications (installers) downloadable from the sites that do periodically get flagged up by various AV providers as false positives, but reporting it to them they always confirm the false positive and remove the warning on the downloads. From the few that have replied, it was the confuxerex routine to obsfuscate the code that caused the heuristics to flag it up. Could that be the case here? If not and you have specifics that is causing the warn
  4. Thanks for your reply. I cannot confirm as I am not the one receiving the block but I got this from a customer: the print screen is above. I have contacted the customer and asked for further details, is there anything I can ask them to send which would help identify why their malwarebytes does appear to block the page(s) Also, the email notification I got appears to link to this thread, but instead goes to a 404 Regards, Martin
  5. The domain is being blocked by malwarebytes premium, please check and remove Attached the screenshot customer sent through Cheers
  6. rootjazz.com listed as containing trojan - false positive
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