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  1. Hey im in a hospital again so i will do the scans once im out of the hospital
  2. It just says (program name) has stopped working. And i also attempted to download winrar and it says winrar unistal has stoped working
  3. The laptop still wont run programs: That require gpu (like games) and wont run other programs like win rar for some reason
  4. Okay here is the malwarebytes log im downloding msert now. And also im sorry for slow replys i didnt have internet connection these few days log2.txt
  5. Okay here is the malwarebytes log. And also i done the ESET scan. It has had 5 detections but it only removed 3 as the other 2 were left untouched log.txt
  6. i cant locate the malwarebytes log files. And i will do the eset scan later cause its a bit late
  7. So i had this pc from 2014 i have bought it from another person. I used malarebytes few times and frist time i did a scan it found about 160 viruses. I did a scan now and it says its clear from malware
  8. also i noticed in the log it says pristup odbijen that means acces denied
  9. Okay here is the file. But what if it isnt a virus what if my gpu is broken??? Fixlog.txt
  10. Hello im back from the hospital i tryed updating the .Net and it didnt work. Here is the log it left file:///C:/Users/Dell/AppData/Local/Temp/Microsoft%20.NET%20Framework%204.7.2%20Setup_20200227_172339687.html
  11. And also im using win7 and can you give me a recommendation on what to use for a screenshot in case of errors
  12. Hey im sorry for not responding im in a hospital i will do what you asked me to do once im out of this hospital
  13. So i tryed to update malwarebytes and it said update failed and malwarebytes now says unable to connect to service. Avast also reqiures a update but once it starts updating it gets stuck on 0% And the microsoft safety scanner says error occured and it just closes mbar-log-2020-02-23 (08-31-43).txt
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