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  1. I assume that google-analytics.com provides me with statistics on who visited my website, etc. Is that not the case? Also, I don't see a way to allow google-analytics.com on my site but to keep protection for everything else.
  2. Looking at the Malwarebytes info in Firefox, I see that it's blocked www.google-analytics.com. Don't I want that to be allowed, especially on my own website? How do I allow that?
  3. I just now installed Malwarebytes Browser Guard in my Firefox.
  4. I routinely use Firefox, except when something doesn't work well with it, then I next try Edge.
  5. I haven't had time to do anything about it. Thanks, and if I need more help I'll post again.
  6. Thanks! But how/why did that page appear in my browser?
  7. I clicked on a lnk from Google News, and this page appeared in my Firefox browser. Looks like malware to me.
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