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    False Positive

    Thank you very much 🙂 Best Regards, Hans
  2. HH68

    False Positive

    Hi, I had to make a little fix to the program. Unfortunately, it's detected again now. I attached the scan result and the new EXE file. Can you please check and whitelist it again? A general question: Why is it that so many stock .NET applications are detected? Not just by MWB. Pretty much every anti-virus or anti-malware software seems to find something in there. Thank you very much 🙂 Best Regards, Hans Livery Installer.7z AS Livery Installer Scan Results.txt
  3. HH68

    False Positive

    Hi, I can confirm that it's no longer detected after deleting HubbleCache. Thank you very much for this extremely quick help! Best Regards, Hans
  4. HH68

    False Positive

    Hi, here you go 🙂 Livery Installer.7z
  5. Hi, new "Aerosoft Livery Manager" is reported as Ma c hineLearning/Anomalous.100%. Application has been programmed by myself and is 100% pure stock C# (VS2019) without any third party items. It accesses the .ini file functions in Kernel32.dll. It's function is to zip/unzip archives to/from a folder below %temp% and edit configuration files. Please add this to your white list. Source code can be provided on request. Best Regards, Hans AS_Livery_Installer_Log_Installationfolder.txt AS_Livery_Installer_Log_Developmentfolder.txt
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