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  1. Well I just restarted my computer again and hadn't set Malwarebytes not to start when Windows starts yet. Still had it set to web protection off. Started up Chrome and everything was fine - no resolving host issue could be found and the fandom.com page loaded as normal. I'd changed nothing else except set it not to keep reminding me that web protection is off 🤪 Very strange! So I've left Malwarebytes to start when Windows starts (web protection off) and will just leave things as they are for now and see if it happens again.
  2. Hi exile360 and thanks for your help. I do use a VPN - a geolocation changing one. I live in Australia so I have dns4me so I can watch US Netflix etc. Been using it for ages with no problems or slow internet/browsers. I also don't use IPv6 - only IPv4. I reinstalled Malwarebytes and left everything on but got the resolving host issue - on every page - some still eventually loaded while others just crashed or sat there blankly. I tried again with Web Protection OFF but everything was exactly the same - even after restarting the computer/chrome etc. I installed the Browser Guard - with malwarebytes still running and with web protection off it took me so long to even load that page to get it - I would say it took me around 10 - 15 minutes before I was able to get to the page and install the browser guard. I restarted my computer again - so with Malwarebytes (web protection off) still running and Browser Guard on restarted Chrome - some pages were OK - slow to load with Resolving host on every page - one or 2 pages took forever - one didn't even load at all - it's a fandom.com page - I visit it often but since having the resolving host prob I've had a lot of trouble loading it. So while that page was still trying to load (blank page, resolving host) I quit Malwarebytes and tried to reload that page and boom - it came up right away. I still have the Browser Guard running for now I'll just have to use that and set Malwarebytes to not autostart and keep checking it every now and then to see if things change in an update. Thanks again for your patience and assistance. 🥰
  3. Thank you for your reply. Yeah it always says that but I only run that prog sporadically - it doesn't run in the background and even when I am running it I don't get the resolving host issue. I have MWB Premium so it obviously does run in the background. As soon as I uninstalled MWB the resolving host issue stopped and everything is good again with browsers. I have had MWB Premium for many years but this is a recent issue. I did make sure it was updated etc but nothing changed.
  4. Thank you. I have attached the zip. Not sure if I was supposed to have MWB running or not but I ran the test with it still uninstalled. Let me know if I have to run it again with MWB installed and I will do that. 😁 mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. I've been having the same problem. Both Chrome and MWB were up to date and AdwCleaner threw up nothing. I used another browser - Maxthon - and it gave the same "resolving host issues". I uninstalled Malwarebytes - no more resolving host. I'd like to install it again but not game enough because I was so over pages taking forever to load/not loading/crashing.
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