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  1. WELL to add again restarting after having the issue and starting this thread it did hang again and I could hear the hard drive being used while the computer itself was trying to shut down, another thing to add is that the black screen wont happen if I force shutdown the computer with the power button while its trying to shut down, black screen only happens when I wait for the computer to actually shutdown when windows does instead of forcing it with the power button.
  2. Also to add my internet still works fine when it happens, it's like it causes something to break for establishing connections, like I said I can't play online games and those settings pages wont load, but I can still watch videos, and talk on discord and steam just fine, another thing I forgot to add was when I shut down my computer to fix it windows will shut off but the system will hang for a bit till it actually turns off then once I turn it back on it will sit in a black screen with a cursor till I restart it again, then it will work fine. Recently with pages loading fine when it happens now it no longer hangs when shutting down the first time but the black screen still happens. So yeah help would be fine so I can know this isn't the byproduct of a virus trying to stay hidden from malwarebytes.
  3. I've had this issue lately where usually after scanning several times with malware bytes I can't connect to online games, pages will take ages to load, and some windows settings pages wont ever load, like windows defender center, and the system about section, although recently when it happens pages seem to load fine. I've tried several antiviruses, hitmanpro, norton, eset, bitdefender and full scans with max settings on malware bytes and nothing has come up, I've also done a full reset and it only happens when doing it with malwarebytes, anyone else have this? Is this some hidden virus or something?
  4. Anyone get this when viewing the scan log? is it a bug or something I should be worried about? It seems to sort of fix some parts when scrolling.
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