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  1. @Dashke after thinking about current block: so you say that it was blocked now because it was blocked in the past, about 1,5 years ago?
  2. Thank you for your feedback. But what kind of detections are/were those? That would be very helpful for us.
  3. Sorry for creating a new topic, but the the original topic was closed and I have no chance to ask for the state of the remove there. So @Dashke and the Malwarebytes staff: what is the state of that topic. Thank you for coming back to this. Kind regards dietrich
  4. Our domain www.bda.de and a simple redirector from bda.de to www.bda.de reported containing/delivering riskware: A thoroughly test did not reveal any problems from our perspective, so we ask to remove the domain/websites from the block lists as possibly being a false positive. We would also like to know what lead to this classification and how to avoid this in the future. Thanks allot in advance. Kind regards dietrich
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