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  1. Yeah, I see, I already had it toggled to "manage manually" (run in the background, secondary launch, auto launch, All toggled on), and it still happened. I'll try and check whether the safe browsing is still active before I do update malwarebytes And after I do the update. I'll let u know if it is as said in that article. Thank you very much for answering
  2. Hi, I have some kind of annoying issue when I check the Admin lists in the privacy settings. At some time, I see Malwarebytes admin disables (it only happened very rare) evdn though I didn't disable it, and more often, the secure browsing is disabled by itself even if I didn't disable it. I own a premium subscription and i believe I have some kind of malware that disables those permissions and I don't know what happens. Any help, please? 😔 It happens on my Huawei p30 pro
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