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  1. Thanks Porthos and Stefan. So is this a problem at constitution.org's end? Looking at the sitecheck page listed by Porthos it looks like whoever maintains constitution.org's website was notified -- is that correct? I might try contacting them by other means to see if they are aware of the problem, so can anyone tell me anymore about what the problem might be? It seemed to me -- and I'm no techie -- that the sitecheck page attributed the problem to outdated software, but Stefan said some pages are abused -- does that mean it's being abused by someone in their organization or does it look li
  2. Hello all, I've had trouble for some months now accessing a website I've used for years: www.constitution.org -- Malwarebytes keeps blocking any page on this site claiming there's a Trojan on the site. Searching through past topics I've noticed that at least twice -- once in 2017 and again in 2019 -- members have written in notifying your staff that it appeared to be a false positive, and each time a staff member replied back that the block was fixed. This is a website from a respectable non-profit organization with good and useful information -- I use it for my college students in my h
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