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  1. I think I am all set. Is there like a solution button or anything I should click on the thread? Thanks again.
  2. Hey Maurice, Thanks for the help. I think that may have fixed it. Chrome seems to be working as normal now. I also noticed that the light on my mute button is working again. I noticed it had stopped working, but just assumed the light died. Guess not. Here is the fix log. Fixlog.txt
  3. Hey Maurice, Thanks for the reply. I did everything if the first part of your post and seem to still be having trouble. I downloaded FRST, but your picture did not show up showing which boxes you would like checked to set the configuration for the scan. Once you let me know what needs to be checked, I can run that report for you and hopefully we can get this fixed. Thanks, Josh
  4. Hello, suddenly every time that i launch google chrome, it opens a second tab to ownza.com/featured. I ran a malwarebytes scan and found nothing. Also tried it in safe mode and found nothing. Windows security also couldn't find anything. How do i get rid of this?
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