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  1. I did go in and change that setting as suggested.
  2. My UAC setting had been changed. I'm guessing when Windows 10 Updated a few days ago. Resetting it, rebooting, and running the repair tool has Malwarebytes working again. I only installed Avast after finding Malwarebytes turned off and not being able to fix it. Not sure if I will uninstall it now or not. Almost hate to admit I've only been running Malwarebytes and Windows 10 Security on this computer for the last 14 months or so since I set it up. I downloaded a trial version of a deep scan program several months ago and it found nothing on my computer other than tracking cookies,
  3. Okay, thanks to both of you. I just went to the My.Malwarebytes.com you pointed me to, and my account is there and both of my licenses are showing. What I don't understand is when I came here my account login information from that site was saved here. I don't understand that, as it's not a valid account here, and I haven't been here before. I just assumed when I followed a link from a web search here and that login information came up that this is where I came to register those a while back. So it's a program issue. I tried to start the program up, it won't. Before I came here I fou
  4. I sent a message to Malwarebytes support not long after posting here. My account on this website was closed, which does not suggest a program issue to me. I had created an account not that long ago which contained both of my licenses. I'm thinking that for some reason my licenses have been canceled. Not good when I'm using the program and it's turned off without notice. I did use the support tool to create the log file as you suggested. If and when support contacts me I'll send that to them. Thank you for your help.
  5. I've been using Malwarebytes for years. I've got two lifetime licenses. I realized Malwarebytes was not working today and while trying to get it working came to this site for more information. When I tried to log in I found my account was closed. What is going on?
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