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  1. Hello, recently I downloaded a game by torrent with its updates, I passed the Nod program to verify that they had no virus, leaving the analysis clean, but with Malwarebytes I detected malware in the installer of an update, look for the same multi-sided installer and everyone gives the same analysis with the program, reviewing videos on and I could see that the installer works likewise in forums, but I would still like to doubt whether it is a virus or a false positive; I attach the history of detection of the program, the archive and the analysis in virustotal. Thanks in advance for the answer. Virustotal : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/5bc6fdab315d943e2d91be577b3af1093bc298516932e4a534eafb53cef781c7/detection Setup.rar 123.txt
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