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  1. Hi there, I just checked, I have been powned on my principal email. I just changed the password to a stronger one. Thanks for the other advices about router. Find attached the files, as asked Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. Hi, Here I come, desperate of what's been happening to me those days. I had a credit card with the 3 numbers in the back that change every hours before. Then it became a bit expensive so I asked my bank to remove this option. 4 weeks ago I received a brand new card, I ordered things on amazon and my card was frauded, someone used to do e-commerce shopping (on Auchan website). So i had to receive a new card, 1 week ago, brand new. I ordered things on amazon, and... today my bank called me to tell me "you have been frauded again". Same method, the hackers buy stuff on Auchan website. Why am I telling you this ? Because the ONLY WAY that someone could get TWICE my credit cards number would be my PC. Or my phone but I've never ordered stuff from my phone with the new cards. So I runned a big scan with kaspersky, it found nothing at all. What a useless software... Then I runned Malwarbytes and of course he found malwares. And I runned Rogue Killer, he found stuff too. So now I need you to help me destroy those motherf*ckers. I'm not 100% sure my credit card numbers have been collected because of the malware that i've got. Please help :D
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