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  1. Thank you Staff TwinHeadedEagle, may our Creator bless you and this team. Have a nice day!
  2. Hi sir, before I performed local restore from SupportAssist OS Recovery, and after my pc was infected, my google chrome's icon changed like the picture below and I found a host Servicing Process. Is this a malware? Should I reset my PC rather than local restore?
  3. I performed a scan and no threat found. I will performed a scan again after windows update sir.
  4. Yes sir, and did update McAfee and Malwarebytes then I restarted my laptop. I performed a scan again and this is the result: bootkit log.txt
  5. Hi everyone, yesterday my laptop was infected of .bboo (STOP/Djvu) ransomware. I retrieved my files from previous versions by moving it to a flash drive then rescanned it on another clean laptop, and it was clean. After that, I performed Dell SupportAssists OS Recovery and select local restore because I was having an issue with cloud restore. After setting up my windows, I installed McAfee and Malwarebytes Premium Trial and performed a scan and what happened is that Malwarebytes detected Bootkit.Pitou.MBR. What does it mean? did the virus still running on my laptop? Sorry, I wish you understan
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