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  1. hi and sorry for the late responding im out of wifi i attached the fixlog. Fixlog.txt
  2. Hi, There have been some errors yeah i couldn't really find the errors log? but the tool created reparing logs i don't know if this is what you talking about _Windows_Repair_Log.txt HKLM_Restore_Default_Permissions_Error_Log.txt Repair_MSI_Windows_Installer.txt Repair_Windows_Updates.txt Repair_WMI.txt
  3. nothing happened in particular the pc is still as same as before and the administration prompt problem is still here tho Fixlog.txt
  4. hi and thanks for replaying fyi i also have this error when i attempt to install apps the administration prompt doesn't show up the screen keeps dimming but nothing pops up? and here you go the files you asked for + i attached the first scan when malwarebytes detected the virus and removed it and the last scan. Addition.txt FIRST SCAN REPORT.txt FRST.txt LAST SCAN RESULTS.txt
  5. i got infected by a trojan after connecting a usb to my pc and Malwarebytes did its job and removed it but my pc is running so slow and laggy that I thought maybe the trojan is still there somewhere but Malwarebytes can’t detect it. my CPU usage is %95+ and my disk usage is also the same can someone please help me out here?
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