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  1. Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Detalhes de Relatório- Data da Verificação: 17/04/20 Hora da Verificação: 02:33 Ficheiro de Registo: 6338e364-804b-11ea-8b86-c80aa9a8f148.json -Informação de Software- Versão: Versão dos Componentes: 1.0.867 Versão do Pacote de Atualização: 1.0.22552 Licença: Premium -Informação do Sistema- SO: Windows 10 (Build 18362.752) CPU: x64 Sistema de Ficheiros: NTFS Utilizador: JORGEPORT\Jorge Cipriano -Resumo da Verificação- Tipo de Verificação: Verificação de Ameaças Verificação Iniciada Por: Manual Resulta
  2. Another Scanning without any treads detected. It used to be at my Chrome's default folder. I'm very happy. The 2nd day consecutive with 0 treads detected. Report 17-04-2020.txt
  3. Hello, my friend. Thanks for your advice. The reeding you've recommended to me, I've maden that carefully. Even my browser's Guard is from Malwarebyytes. They protect me a lots. Watch bellow. I really thank you, kevinf80. Best Regards.
  4. Well, was the first time that Malwarebytes in 2 mounthes didn't detected any thread !!!! It seems that this protection works very well. Thank to all of you, once more. You may say, that for now we can close this process.
  5. Hello, kevinf80, Thank you for your help. To me all opions count. But I've maden before a first search for the first method, and still keep to detect malwares. But after 1 day, it has stoped. It seems that may take some time to make efect. Like in humans the medicins we take. I don't domain quite good all of theeese. By the way, I use the Marlwarebytes Premium atualized and the Malwarebytes Browser Guard. The Adwcleaner I have too. Curious. Since last detections and after 2 days, those solutions have repaired the situation. Maybe is just like this, but thanks a lots for your help, I've maden a
  6. Hy, kevinf80. For the first time I've maden a night scan and that has returned without any thrat detected. However, I've followed this recommended this method that someone said to me: And the sesult was this: Sorry, this is in Portuguese: " Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Detalhes de Relatório- Data da Verificação: 16/04/20 Hora da Verificação: 02:27 Ficheiro de Registo: 6ec7a0be-7f81-11ea-83da-c80aa9a8f148.json -Informação de Software- Versão: Versão dos Componentes: 1.0.867 Versão do Pacote de Atualização: 1.0.
  7. My dear friends. In my computer I use as security providers the Windows Defender AV and Malwarebytes, the Premium Edition tottaly Updated. In the Browser I have also Malwarebytes Browser Guard. I know that tool protecions can't do everything, and I also have some carefull about websites I make, as so I only install licenced programs. My questions are, if is normal and if this constitutes a thrat. Thank you for your help
  8. I'll try to study a little bit more. But I know and have tasted many wines from USA, specially from Nappa Valley in California. By the way, I know personally Francis Ford Coppolla, who produces wines in Sonoma. you were great. Really.
  9. My friend Porthos, I see you're from Canada. Problem resolved !!! Thanks a lots.
  10. By the way, Porthos, where are you from ? Please, send to me your address to the following email: It will be my pleasure. Still running. Finished. Just detected 1 thread.
  11. I've told to some my colleagues. I work with wines. So if this fix the problem, please send me your address to: I would be glad and pleased to send to you a nice Portuguese bottle of with. You've spent many time with my problem, have been there all the time, and I like persons like you. I'm like that either. In Portugal, was a great missing of uninfecting etilic alcohol. So I've maden a campaign with my clients producers, who have taken wines and spirits to send that to destilation. I've already get 1 millions of Liters.
  12. I'm talking to you from my smartphone. And I'm making the step just like you told me. The scanning with Malwarebytes is running just right now. God help me. I really need some luck, and thanks for your support.
  13. The Google Chrome have this functionon my profile: https://passwords.google.com/?rapt=AEjHL4MHt2pWb4Kn5h2btW_aLk6KwIquuTQvPbYqDY5sFmdrrcPIWpO4v64VcUCN0OPM_3eerVXa7gK_Fcom36syMpQM-fDEdw It means that passwords and my preferences will keep in the same, right ? Just like it were. Such I understand, it's a kind of cache cleaning.
  14. Good evening (in Portugal). That procedure doesn't erase my default user as so as the other user who are also conected to the same browser, right ? I keep my passwords safe, among onther utilities. Until when I can loose dates in Chrome like tool bars, extensions already setted, saved passwords, and so ?
  15. Of course, now with the Windows Defender turned on in Real Time and Malwarebytes at the same time, I'm ate this moment making a Scanning with Malwarebytes. I've already maden a Scan with Windows Defender. No threads detected. Naturally, and as some here sayed, the AV detect more some kind of files and extensions, Malwarebytes another. Both co-exists and can complement. And of course with the new Malwarebytes Browser Guard 2.2.2 extension in my Google Chrome, in some minutes I will see the results. A curious thing I notes was in the Tools Task Manager. Specially the Disk and CPU are too muc
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