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  1. Thank you. I've attached the two only scans i've seen where malwarebytes had detected "infections". log2.txt log1.txt
  2. Yeah i actually do rarely reboot my computer. But i did do that first major scan of my harddrives, and it found two threats, and both were utorrent. So maybe i got infected through utorrent? Not sure. I'd post the log if i knew how to get it after the scan has been done already
  3. Thank you for your help, althought i'm confused on what you mean by the browser thing. It was actually happening in my notepad, and even on telegram aswell. Can i actually get infected through my browser like that? They way i originally thought it happened was that i ran some sketchy stuff on my RDP a few days ago, and it somehow crossinfected its way onto my main PC. is this possible?
  4. Yeah you're right nothing was found. Just hopefully i'm 100% good now and it's not lurking in the background and waiting to enable itself again.
  5. I went to open the log and it was empty. Does that mean all is good?
  6. Hey, when i click "Open app" in "Virus & threat protection" it just opens up Malwarebytes. Is that what its supposed to do or no? It's not opening windows defender atleast
  7. I have attached the log. I'm still a bit paranoid, since last time it seemed like my PC was clear aswell but it somehow came back. Please let me know if theres anything more you want to check, such as autorun or anything, or if it looks good. Thanks Fixlog.txt
  8. Hello @AdvancedSetup and thank you for taking your time to help me, One update i'd like to add is that i ran a malwarebytes scan yesterday, first a regular one, and then a "complete" one which scanned all the disks on my PC. After that first regular scan i noticed it no longer changed my bitcoin address, however last time i had this virus i noticed that after restarting my computer/using an antivirus it sometimes would "stop working" just for it to surprise me and come back at a later time. So i'm at no means sure that i'm clean. Hopefully you can help me figure that out. Aswell, i'd like
  9. Also i am currently running a full scan with Malwarebytes, i ran a quickscan however no threats were found. I've attached Addition and FRST, and will attach the log once finished. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Hey! I've just found out that whenever i copy a BTC address, it actually autochanges into another addy, meaning i'm infected with the famous "bitcoin stealer" virus. I believe this came from some files which i opened on a RDP of mine, which must have some how cross infected me to my regular PC from my RDP. I don't understand how this is possible, but it has happened to me once before already, and i had to reinstall my PC. I do not wish to do that now, and i was wondering if anybody could help me with cleaning my PC of this virus completely. Please and thank you!
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