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  1. i have specific work software that might be using it. My software guys probably loaded it. I haven't personally added anything
  2. I ran it three days ago because of the false report for the phishing website block. That was happening to a lot of people and was resolved with an update to MB
  3. not really??? 3 people had downloaded it already... i'm a bit concerned
  4. this zip is safe to upload? No sensitive info from my pc?
  5. I see the upload zip file. Should I attach it to this forum post? Is the information ok to post here?
  6. i downloaded the support tool and gathered logs. Do i need to attach them to this forum post (how do I do that), or is the automatic upload at the end of the log gathering procedure enough?
  7. Today when I turned on my computer I received a notification that one of my real time protection services was turned off. When I opened MB premium program it showed that all services were turned on. I tried shutting down my computer and turning it back on, but it didn't send me any notifications. I was just wondering if this was a random bug, or something I should look into further?
  8. I checked for updates, and restarted my computer, and I'm still getting the warnings
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