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  1. Correct, Reports have been submitted to MS for that as well... by other users and possibly the devs of MixItUp from what I've read in MIU's discord.
  2. Let me try again. MB Scan 07112021.txt
  3. After the lastest update to 4.4.2 MB has detected the MixItUp.Uninstaller.Exe as Malware by the (new?) Malware.AI Reading through MixItUp discord it looks like Windows defender has also hit this same file and reports have already been submitted with MS to have it removed from their definitions. Saved the results and including the txt file MB Scan 07112021.txt
  4. Thank you Porthos. I can't speak for the OP but that fixed it for me. It was blocking Onedrive.exe from logging in to auto sync. Guess I know to check for updates before I do anything else from now on. Malwarebyts.txt
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