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  1. This time it popped up right after a restart. Didnt open any programs yet...
  2. Might have spoken to soon... svchost.exe still popping up... I got newest malwarebytes, nothing during scan found and several restarts completed...
  3. So now ive done that. Scan cant find anything, and ive followed the steps in that thread. It seems like it worked, im not getting those reports anymore. But Im still wondering about that svchost.exe i got aswell. Is that due to the same as the chrome message i got?
  4. Sooo. today when i got back from home and logged on my pc, i got spammed by this message 11-12 times... malwarebytes blocking outgoing svchost due to phishing. I've ran multiple scans, cant find anything. No idea what to do atm.. Got two screenshots if that helps in any way, in one theres a file with google chrome, and in the other the file is svchost.exe. I dont like the word phishing and what it is...
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