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  1. Heres the Rkill report, my task manager is still displaying high 50-60 and then seconds after being observed, shoots back down to a regular number. Here is the report RKILL log, 2, 12, 2020.txt
  2. The problem has continued after I followed the first part of the instructions. Here is my Fixlog, I'm going to follow the rest of your instructions and see if it helps. Thank you for everything so far, I'll get back shortly Fixlog.txt
  3. My cpu stays in the high 50-70 range unless my task manager is open. Very possible my computer has a bitcoin miner on it. I've had the computer for a year now and it's always been like this, but recently I've been noticing it slow down significantly and became worried. Below are my specs, a similar case, and my most recent inspection logs (Including a Malwarebytes, adwearcleaner, and FRST logs. ) hopefully somebody can help me out here, my computer is my baby. Addition, FRST log, 2, 10, 2020.txt AdwCleaner long 2,10,2020.txt FRST log 2, 10, 2020.txt Malbyte log, 2,10,2020.txt
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