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  1. Wow that sounds a bit long/complicated, and I am pretty busy these times. Do you think it is safe for me to postpone these scans to this summer? (So the topic needs not to be closed the meanwhile)
  2. But I think it is normal that in the standard recap it is said that no weird element was detected since any potentially weird element might be stored in the skipped files, if there are some.
  3. And all I just said is related to the "advanced analysis recap" of the scan, however in the "standard" one everything seems alright though.
  4. I just rescanned my system with Bitdefender, and there are still password protected files that are skipped by the analysis: 157104 files were ignored. 3702 were password protected. (among other information, but I think this is the most interesting) The biggest part of them is iTunes related files, I think this is due to encrypted local backups from my iPad stored in my computer. But the "rtkhdasetting" things remains... Here are some examples extracted from the Bitdefender log: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\rtkhdasetting.zip=>rtkhdasetting=>103C850B=>APO.zip=>APO=>84810527=>84810527.txt C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\rtkhdasetting\103C8312\APO.zip=>APO=>83110208=>83110208.txt (there are tens of lines in the log similar to these two, the rest is iTunes/Jetpack mainly) Moreover, some elements were skipped by the analysis not because of password protection, but because they "can't be found" (these are the elements that were neither iTunes/Jetpack nor rtkhdasetting related). What should I do? Should I delete the rtkhdasetting.zip file from my Drivers directory? What are your thoughts about that? Thanks for helping me.
  5. Thank you. I downloaded fixlist.txt and saved it to my Desktop. But when you say: By "FRST or FRST64" you mean the .exe file or the .txt file? Moreover I saved these two files (the .exe and the .txt ones) in my Downloads directory instead of my Desktop as you previously told me to do at Step 3: So in order to have fixlist.txt and "FRST or FRST64" in the same location, should I rather move fixlist.txt to my Downloads directory or move "FRST or FRST64" to my Desktop? And won't this move affect the efficiency of the fix? Besides, is it problematic if I install Windows updates between the beginning of the thread and now?
  6. Thank you for your answer, I uninstalled Java. I am about to go ahead and follow your instructions, but I was wondering: When you say "temporarily disable Bitdefender", do you mean disable ALL modules mentionned in the Bitdefender support page you put the link, or only specific ones?
  7. Thank you for your instructions. However I don't really understand to what extent it's important that I uninstall Java and that I enable the System Restore Point feature. For the System Restore Point feature I think this is a good thing to enable, so I don't have any unwillingness about it. But for Java, I heard this is something useful to many aspects in running programs or loading web pages, so I don't exactly see the point of removing it. Wouldn't it be better to simply update Java instead of removing it (since you said my Java version is not up to date)?
  8. And after I clicked on the "Cancel" button that we can see in the screenshot from my previous message, there is what I got, basically the home screen of the AdwCleaner program I assume: (see attached screenshot)
  9. Thank you for your reply! I performed Step 1, I attached the log to this message. But at Step 2, when the scan is finished, I don't get any "Clean & Repair" option, I only get this screen (see attached screenshot) asking me if I want to place preinstalled softwares in quarantaine or not. I clicked "Cancel", beacause I don't think these software are dangerous. What should I do now? MB_log.txt
  10. I just did a Threat Scan with Malwarebytes and the log says there is no infection or anything. However the Bitdefender log is still intriguing. By the way sorry for the French screenshot of the log, I am French (and therefore use French versions of softwares 😄 )
  11. Sorry for the typo in the title, I forgot the "h" in "should", but I do not see any button to let me edit what I wrote...
  12. Hello, I just started a system analysis with Bitdefender and the report mentions among other information: 153335 ignored files, 4209 password protected files. I went through the log (which is an .xml file so I cannot insert it in my message) and I saw different weird file paths, here are some example: - D:\Musique\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications\Jetpack 1.8.8.ipa=>Payload=>jetpack.app=>assets.zip=>textures/Entities/MysteryCrystal.xml - C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\rtkhdasetting\103C850B\APO.zip=>APO=>84810527=>84810527.txt - C:\Windows\System32\drivers\rtkhdasetting.zip=>rtkhdasetting=>103C83C7=>APO.zip=>APO=>83110208=>83110208.txt - C:\Users\Public\Documents\Wondershare\mobiletrans_full5826.exe=>(Instyler o)=>(Instyler Module 477)=>iTunes_Control/iTunes/iTunes Library.itlp/DBTemp/.status-com.apple.itdprep.command.runPostProcessing - C:\Program Files (x86)\Wondershare\MobileTransPro\Library\iTunes_Control_ios9.zip=>iTunes_Control/iTunes/iTunesCDB - C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\rtkhdasetting\103C8490\APO.zip=>APO=>84850109=>84850109.txt I think this is weird that there are so much files about iTunes and Halfbrick apps, mixed with Wondershare (by the way I am currently struggling to uninstall all my Wondershare softwares, for example the uninstaller file for the Wondershare software called "Video Converter Ultimate" does not work and says something like "unins000.msg is missing"). But the most suspect thing in my opinion is the "rtkhdasetting" thing. Through a Google search I found a few topics mentionning this may be about malware... But I did not find help in these topics so I post a new one here. I really hope you can help me, I must admit I am a bit afraid Thank you in advance!
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