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  1. Thisisu, How did you find that js file? MWB isn't showing me.
  2. I can't find anything about this trojan anywhere. What do I do now?
  3. Thanks tester, but i've never even accessed the site, to my knowledge. Could it ge something the draw.io extension was calling remotely? The MWB popup was appearing on any page I loaded until I removed that extension. But why would it affect every page loaded?
  4. I just removed the draw.io extension (the last one I installed) and the message stopped. Do I assume this was false positive? Rescan? WHat do you recommend I do next? If anything. How can i be SURE it wasn't a real trojan.
  5. So I finally decide to use your product again, and I am getting this poppup on virtually ever page loaded into chrome I am assuming it's a false positive, but I am not even visiting that site, nor have I ever. How do I get rid of his message, and what is actually going on here? Since these are so common, could you provide a fixed post for these known issues so we don't waste time reading 100 older posts? Some of them are insane. I will delete the product before going through any of that. Please advise.
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