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  1. Sry, accidentialy pressed tab and space instantly - seems I can't edit nor delete my post so will write it again: Hey guys Thanks @jcgriff2 for the steps to find an error! Actually I did the steps @exile360 told me to do i.e. installing drivers for both my net adapters (MOBO integrated and internal TP-LINK). I installed both of them and didn't get any BSOD since 20th of February. It's quite long for this if taking into account that I was getting at least one each day. I don't know if it's necessary now to make memtest86 in this case. However if you feel like it would make us sure BSOD won't throw again I can do that. About SSD - I have like old version ? of Goodram Iridium Pro - no firmware updates, at least didn't find any. About Nvidia driver - last time I reinstalled the drivers so they should be at least one of newer versions. Wanted to reply with that earlier but I also wanted to take more time to see if any BSOD won't be thrown. About Sysnative - I would upload the files but it seems I don't have any files related to it.
  2. Actually I don't use Malwarebytes Premium. However will try to update the network drivers. About RAM, I took that into account. Last time I did memtest86 along with switching my two pieces from DIMM 1 AND 3 to 2 and 4 - no errors after 2 passes (took about an hour).
  3. Hey exile360, thanks for the answer! I'm still interested in any help as bsods still throw, last one at Sunday though. About overclocking - If I remember correctly, I didn't do any overclocking on GPU nor on CPU however will check in BIOS and restore to defaults to be sure. About cleaning the PC - I did it few months ago after BSOD case appeared. Cleaned precisely as far as I could with canned air (didn't put new thermalpaste though as forgot to buy one) and unfortunately it didn't help. However looking on HWiNFO and temperatures look quite good: - CPU ~34C (don't know what's "Core n Distance to TjMax" but it shows about 66C for all 4 cores) - Motherboard - ~38C - VRM - ~45C - GPU - ~45C Btw. it's funny as I'm playing games quite often and the BSOD rarely throws during gaming. It appears more often during normal work like browsing the web, coding, watching movies etc. Also got a BSOD during writing this post, GPU was exactly 45C then. Bsod says now: PROCESS_NAME: HWiNFO64.exe SYMBOL_NAME: ANALYSIS_INCONCLUSIVE MODULE_NAME: Unknown_Module IMAGE_NAME: Unknown_Image STACK_COMMAND: .thread ; .cxr ; kb FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: ZEROED_STACK_0x133 This PROCESS_NAME interested me as it used to be as System
  4. Hey guys! I got a problem with BSOD with DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION code since like half a year or more. It used to be thrown like once per couple of days, now it's almost everyday. I tried anything I could with my knowledge but nothing helped. WinDbg says randomly the problem is with either nvlddmkm or unknown_module. Last time it was ntkrnlmp.exe which was something new but still couldn't get the solution for that. Previously there were some situations where PC freezed for like minute and then unfreezed without any BSOD but audio driver crashed and I had no sound (until just restarting it in device manager). Once I was checking minidumps with WhoCrashed program which said it's a problem with ntoskrnl.exe. Ah, before BSOD whole system freezes for like 30 seconds to minute. I couldn't find any relation between BSODs - they appears in random moments for me. I was also searching for solution by FAILURE_BUCKET_ID which is ZEROED_STACK_0x133, 0x133_ISR_nvlddmkm!unknown_function and once it was 0x133_ISR_nt!KeAccumulateTicks but also couldn't find anything that helped I have like 16 minidumps and one memory dump of 1.3GB size. Sharing those 16 minidumps in attachments as zip. If memory dmp will be useful I can upload it somewhere too Some informations about the software: OS - Windows 10 64bit (Installed by myself) OS is not OEM PC is almost 3,5 years old (bought 2016-10-03) Age of OS installation might be like 2 years but that's just guessing. I was reinstalling the system once And hardware: CPU - Intel Core i5-6600K, 3.5GHz, 6 MB GPU - Zotac GeForce GTX1070 AMP Edition 8GB GDDR5 (256 bit) MotherBoard - Gigabyte GA-Z170-GAMING K3 Power supply - Thermaltake Smart SE 530W This is a desktop PC Tried to attach zip from SysnativeBSOD but it goes into a loop with "waiting for SystemInfo - Specified service does not exist as installed service" error Thanks for any help in advance! DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION.zip
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