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  1. I also think the problem loungesrc.net is solved 🙂. Thanks for your help and advice.
  2. I have regularly updated Win10 and antivirus (ESET Endpoint Security) and Chrome. Until now Ihad the Video Downloader Professional plugin in version 1.6. 'block notice loungesrc.net' started to appear about 3 days ago. I think this is due to changes in ESET's control algorithms. This is a change for the better. I updated Video Downloader Professional - now it's called Vimeo Downloader Professional. When I disable it, 'block notice loungesrc.net' does not appear, when I release it so it appears. The culprit is obviously known. I have briefly checked the reviews of this plugin in Chrome store. There is no mention of loungesrc.net . I will definitely write there. It is striking that such a malware plugin will appear in the Chrome store.
  3. After finishing ESET Online Scanner, I tried to deactivate MB Guard extension for Chrome for a while again and tried to access common sites (Google, wiki ...) 'block notice loungesrc.net' appears again 😞 Then I tried this ... I have these plugins in Chrome: Adblock Plus - free ad blocker Google Docs offline Live HTTP Headers Looper for YouTube Sorter for YouTube playlist POI pocket Right Click Translate Search Center Tampermonkey Video Downloader Professional AirDroid Remote Control Plugin Documents I deactivated them all and I also deactivated MB Guard extension for Chrome and tried Google, wiki ... access again 'block notice loungesrc.net' don't appear 🙂 I suggest to keep the MB Guard extension for Chrome permanently deactivated and gradually (one after another) enable Chrome plugins. This will not eliminate the cause of the problem, but at least I will find out its originator. What do you think? eset_log.txt
  4. After finishing Microsoft Safety Scanner I tried to suppress for a while Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension for Chrome. Then I restart Chrome , ESET message (or Malwarebytes Trial) 'block notice loungesrc.net' appears again when I visiting some web site (e.g. Google search, wiki). After that I enable Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension for Chrome. msert.log
  5. I'll be home tomorrow night, so I've taken your 1-4 steps now. I attach AdwCleaner[S00].txt from first PC. AdwCleaner[S00].txt
  6. Hi, Maurice my name is Tony. First I would like to apologize for the bad English 😞 but I hope I understand your recommendation. The problem occurred today, but I don't remember visiting a suspicious site yesterday. a website block notice appears when I visiting almost any web site. I have active Chrome sync on four PC... I suppose, that "reset sync" I should do on all four and then continue the steps 1-4 on the first PC - is that right? Thanks.
  7. and logs from Farbar FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. My ESET warn me about loungesrc.net. Then I try run MB. I received this report (see attach file). What I can do to correct it? MB_report.txt
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