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  1. it seems like my discs are slowly being filled by something since i now only have 50 gb free on my main drive and i have barely put anything new on it plus selecting all the files( including the hidden ones) in the root directory and checking the properties still only shows about 105 gb. as for the eset scan, i did one of those earlier.
  2. i saw no info when running chkdsk and malwerebytes hasn't found anythng
  3. i did run CHKDSK on c earlier when i scheduled to do it when i restarted.
  4. Hi, windows says the same thing about the space, however as you can see in the attached image the actual occupied space is way less than windows says, so i can't install games larger than 60 GB on my C: drive. so I should have around 130 - 140 GB free on C: but windows for some reason disagrees.
  5. Here's the first bottom line: Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations. the second one wouldn't run because "the volume is in use by another process" it asked me if i wanted it to do it the next time i restarted my computer so i did that and it checked my disk but i didn't get any text. the third wouldn't run because of the same reason, is said it could run if i forced a dismount, but i didn't want to do that without knowing it was safe. log.txt info.txt
  6. hi, sorry for the late reply. I have emptied the recycling bin and removed temp files, and the Bleepingcomputer post is about fixing a slow computer and mine is as fast as is should be. It can't be files that I don't know about or anything like that since i have checked the size of all folders in the root directory of all my drives (I have "showed" hidden folders) and that says that the drives are way less full than the properties in This PC and steam says. also here's the scan log: eset scan log.txt
  7. Hi, I did the scan but it didn't detect anything. However the reason i started looking into any virus was because i noticed that my storage drives are fuller than they should be. and the virus seem to be gone but my drives are still full. Is this an issue in windows or is it possible that malwarebytes didn't detect the virus?
  8. Hi, I prefer to go by Tore. And I will be leaving for a week Saturday afternoon (GMT+1). AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  9. here are the log files FRST.txt Addition.txt Threat Scan.txt
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