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  1. @LiquidTension Thank you for the update and confirmation. I will keep standing by and willing to help test as needed. Just ping me so I am aware. Thank you.
  2. Thanks. I am apprehensive to re-enabled AdGuard Premium's WFP and risk another BSOD till I get official word from MWB support to test a new build with ADGuard Premium.
  3. So you are running MWB Premium (paid version) with Web Protection enabled and AdGuard Premium (paid version) with the WFP Network Driver enabled?
  4. @LiquidTension I just saw your reply after I posted to @Janine. Thank you for the information. I will continue to run with AdGuard WFP disabled for now until an official fix has been issued. My system has been running just fine with MWB Premium Web Protection active and AdGuard Premium WFP network driver disabled. Thanks again.
  5. Good morning @jenine Are you 100% sure this is working? How long has your computer been up after enabling both of these? Have you been up for more than a few days running AdGuard 7.3 and MWB Premium with component package 1.0.889? I am running AdGuard Premium 7.3 and the latest versions of MWB, both production and betas (when available) and I BSOD if I have both MWB Premium Web Protection AND AdGuard WFP Driver enabled. This was happening as recently as a couple weeks ago. AdGuard even confirms this is an issue: https://forum.adguard.com/index.php?threads/malwarebytes-web-protection-blocks-the-adguard-web-assistant.36914/post-197444 I don't want to risk enabling both again unless there is a confirmed fix from MWB and AdGuard that these two can run together. BSODs are no good on our machines, and I don't want to risk corruption or data loss from a BSOD. Let us know. Thank you for your time and feedback.
  6. So do you need me to re-enable AdGuard's WFP Network driver and see if I still BSOD with MWB Premium's Web Protection enabled? Because that has been the issue the entire time for me in this thread. I have supplied several sets of log files and provided all info I was requested from you guys to help out with this issue, but unless I missed it, I don't recall seeing something posted in the last 6 days from my last post that compatibility issues were fixed. Let me know. Thank you. My post from just last Saturday; 6 days ago:
  7. Sounds legit for sure. I get it. Strange I was always able to run both programs together with both AdGuard's WFP driver and MWB Premium's Web Protection enabled until the beginning of this year. I assume some architecture must have changed in one or both products. I certainly can live with either Adguard Premium's WFP disabled so I can run MWB Premium's Web Protection. My only question, which I am sure is highly subjective, is which one should I actually have disabled for the best protection? Should I be running AdGuard's WFP and keep MWB Web Protection off, or vice versa? Again, subjective, I am sure.
  8. FYI, over on the AdGuard forums, I shared my experience and linked my posts here on the MWB forums. One of the AdGuard support members, Chinaski, replied and told me to disable the AdGuard Premium WFP Network Driver while using MWB Premium's Web Protection, and the BSOD should stop. Here is the link on the AdGuard forums: https://forum.adguard.com/index.php?threads/malwarebytes-web-protection-blocks-the-adguard-web-assistant.36914/post-197444 Hope this info helps folks out.
  9. Ok, I have added AdGuard AdBlock back in and am running it along side the MWB blocker in Chrome.
  10. You want me to run both Chrome extensions? Both AdGuard AdBlocker and the MWB Blocker? Just confirming.
  11. Correct. All I did was fully uninstall AdGuard Premium, and re-enable MWB Web Protection. I also removed the AdGuard AdBlocker extension from Chrome and installed the MWB ad blocker to test it out, but i am sure the conflict is AdGuard Premium and MWB Premium's Web Protection. My machine has now been up for two full days with no BSOD, which is definitely a first since this problem first started back at the beginning of this year. I will say however, I am seeing ads on pages which were previously blocked or fully removed by AdGuard. I've become spoiled with the removal of all these ads, so hopefully a fix will come soon where AdGuard Premium and MalwareBytes Premium can coexist.
  12. Just a small update. I've been operating in this mode with no issues for almost 24 hours. This would by far be the longest I have gone without BSOD. I am continuing to monitor, but I am feeling like there really was a conflict with AdGuard Premium and MWB Premium's Web Protection. I will report back again soon as more time passes.
  13. I've gone ahead and fully uninstalled AdGuard Premium, and the AdGuard AdBlock extension in Chrome. I have re-enabled MWB Premium Web Protection and installed the MWB Chrome extension. I will report back on how things operate.
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