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  1. Ahh, ok. Sorry, I thought the logs would be looked at here first. They have in the past for me, but I certainly can open a support ticket. Thanks for the heads up! Have a great day.
  2. For now I have gone ahead and removed MWB all together from this particular system. I was hoping to hear something back on my logs by now. You guys are usually pretty quick with the log file review. Perhaps things are slower right now due to COVID. I will just standby till I hear back on my log files so I can get some direction on the issue. Hopefully my logs will be reviewed soon so I can hear back on the issue. Thank you.
  3. Just checking back. Any word on my log review yet?
  4. I see. Well, I certainly am willing to help out, but I don't want to keep taking the time to create log files, uploads, and screenshots, if my original efforts are not being looked at by support staff who can reply and offer replies based on the info I was asked to supply. I'm not trying to be difficult, I just don't want to duplicate my efforts, and want to feel like my issues are being addressed. Thank you for being so quick to reply how you could. I understand your position.
  5. Have my original ones from 9/7/2020 been looked at?
  6. Ok, yeah, I am on 4.2.1 and I just crashed again last night. As I had originally posted with the logs, this computer gets used for nothing but streaming Spotify, and has no other security software on it, so I am really surpirsed Web Protection is crashing it, which is why I am so curious what the logs are showing. Thank you for your prompt replies and suggestions.
  7. I just checked and am already on 4.2.1. Do the logs show the reason I am crashing with Web Protection enabled is because I am still on 4.2.0? I tend to update as soon as the software prompts me of a software update.
  8. Still looking for an update on this post from 10 days ago. Anyone look at my log files yet? I really do not like running without Web Protection enabled, but I have no choice right now till we address this BSOD issue. Thank you.
  9. Computer is still crashing from MWB Web Protection even after running the Norton uninstaller tool. Just happened again last night.
  10. I had removed Norton before installing MWB and running the logs, but I just ran the tool now, and chose 'Remove Only' under the Advanced Options. I rebooted and reenabled Web Protection to see how it behaves. Thanks for that suggestion. I will report back!
  11. Thanks. I have none of those installed. I did have Norton, but had uninstalled it in favor of MWB. Thanks again for the suggestions though!
  12. Good afternoon, Just wondering if @LiquidTension had a chance to review my logs and see what is making Web Protection BSOD my other computer. I still have Web Protection off for the time being, and the computer is stable. Let me know, and thank you for your time.
  13. We were posting at the same time. Thank you. I look foward to hearing back on the log files!
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