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  1. From what you can tell should it be fine to go back to safely gaming again? If you believe that’s system is fully restored then I shouldn’t need any further help! :)
  2. rootkitscanresults.txtso this is what it found. i believe i renamed a malwarebytes setup to explorer.exe from a suggestion before i came here to attempt to "trick" the virus into not realizing that it was malwarebytes. Clearly that didn't work when i tried it many weeks ago so i believe it just thought that it was something else!
  3. results.txthere are the results. what was found was instantly deleted its okay ill just reinstall it but it was actually a false positive because it was just a game mod!
  4. good afternoon! im just getting online now and will reply with the results of the next scan as soon as it has finished! :)
  5. okay will do. thank you for your time, i am just going to bed now but i will be back to continue the process at 3pm est tomorrow
  6. okay so after that it said that nothing was found. sorry it took a bit, my system is a gaming pc so the scans run through all my game files!
  7. okay im going to go do that right now and will reply with the results. thank you
  8. msert.log so these are the results of the scan!
  9. scanresults.txthere are my malwarebytes scan results as well.
  10. Fixlog.txt okay here is the fixlog. Malwarebytes downloaded!! im doing a scan on malwarebytes now.
  11. Okay here are the results. Im here anytime after 3pm est on weekdays. and you can call me tiel mbst-grab-results.zip
  12. I recently got some kind of virus that wont let me install malwarebytes or kasperskys. Ive tried bootable usb sticks with virus removers, malwarebytes chameleon which will give me an error 5 "directory cannot be made", malwarebytes antirootkit and ive even redone all of this in safe mode but for some reason i get an error resulting in malwarebytes not installing at all and kasperskyes not running a scan when i click "SCAN".
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