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  1. Hi @TeMerc and/or @Zynthesist. Looking for a follow-up on this issue. Thanks for your help.
  2. Whoops, hit reply before I could edit out the bottom part of that post. Sorry about that!
  3. Hi Andres, Thanks for your reply and for that info. I did some research into the URL to try and figure out why it may have been reported as malicious. That particular URL is hosted by our servers, but the page at that URL does not contain any malicious content (or user-generated content), cannot be used for phishing, and does not redirect anywhere off-site. The URL was originally embedded in the footer of an email newsletter that was sent out from our service on 20 Jan as a link for the recipient to update their email address if desired. I can see that the form at that URL was used
  4. Thanks. As this is coming from a customer and not our own Malwarebytes installation, what instructions can we pass on to them to help them retrieve the logs?
  5. Hello, A customer is reporting that our domain name, sportwagentouren.dmanalytics2.com and/or dmanalytics2.com is being flagged by Malwarebytes Premium 4.0.4 as a phishing domain (please see attached screenshot). We believe this to be a false positive, as we do not host or serve any malware. If Malwarebytes has detected someone abusing our domain to redirect to a malware site, we would of course want to investigate that. Thanks, Jonathan
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