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  1. That was last night, have posted the zipped log which made no sense above, seems like it's a false false positive. Nevertheless, the fact Malware bytes got triggered would be a bug in this case rather than a false positive I guess
  2. Ok so this is weird, apparently malwarebytes got triggered because of a failed connection to the server, i assume tinygo was down for maintenance last night, just tried it and it was fine. The log file makes no sense too. (zipped json log file as not allowed file type) 17a5c856-45de-11ea-b607-f0795961f3c2.zip
  3. I'll double check and post logs and screenshots later, yesterday night it was showing Trojan detected for site tinygo.org
  4. https://tinygo.org/ Definitely a false positive, also is funded by Google officially. I think some of the wasm code is triggering some heuristics for trojans
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