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  1. That is a good news. Thank you very much for your great help. I think we can close this case. I will ask Bitdefender why they flagged it.
  2. hi. I scanned by roguekiller and it looks that he didn't find anythink. roguekiler logs.txt
  3. Hi again. I did like you suggested. Bellow you can check logs. msert.log
  4. Thank you for your answer. Avast was free and uninstalled. Bitdefender is for what i paid. I know that windows have own antivirus but i wasn't sure if that was good enough. Bitdefender shows me 25 files with password from that locations, few on each lokation: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\rtkhdasetting.zip=>rtkhdasetting=>103C82CB=>APO.zip=>APO=>82cb0220=>82cb0220.txt C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\rtkhdasetting\103C82CB\APO.zip=>APO=>82cb0220=>82cb0220.txt C:\ProgramData\SoundResearch\APO\82c11018=>82c11018.txt
  5. If there is no viruses on my computer then is greate but I'm not sure. You are the experts , that is why i asked someone here 😃 thanks for any helping!
  6. Hi. Please help me. i scanned my computer and he didin't find any viruses but there is 25 files with password. I already scanned by malwarebytes and there was something PUP.Optional.InstallCore which is already in quarantine. then i skaned again with my Bitdefender total security and again found 25 files with password and that was in rtkhdasettings. I also download and skaned computer by FRST so i have all logs. Can anyone help me with this? if there is any virus or something? And how to fix it this? Thank you for any help.
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