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  1. Hi again, Thanks for checking with me. You've been awesome! I actually found the culprit. It's a series of emails that I received from a website development company. Once I narrowed it down to their emails I made them aware of it. They say that they are using some sort of tracking software to let them know whether their emails have been read and to let them know each time one of their emails is opened without the recipient knowing. Malwarebytes caught it and alerted me to it. If you would like a copy of the email forwarded to you for dissection just let me know what email address to forward it to and I'll gladly do so.
  2. Awesome. Thank you. I ran the scan last night. It took so long that I went to bed before it finished. When I came back to the computer this morning I it showed that the scan didn't find anything.
  3. I'm a little lost. How do I ensure that Windows Live Mail is using EDGE to connect? My Live Mail is a clickable icon on my desktop. I don't access it through a web browser. Also, I already know that it's not a particular email that I'm reading. It happens with any email that I open no matter who it's from.
  4. Hi, I ran a complete scan to include all drives with the rootkit detection enabled just before I posted this question. The scan took several hours and scanned a couple of million files. I've attached that scan report as well as a report on the blocked website. Malwarebytes_Scan_Report.txt gnldr_report.txt
  5. File attached. Thank you in advance for your assistance. mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Hi, I started getting a riskware warning from Malwarebytes today. The warning is in regard to gnldr.online It seems that each time I access my Windows Live Mail account to read or send an email the warning pops up. There is very little information on the internet about this issue. Some websites say that it seems that it may be some sort of Amazon tracking code. Other sites say that it's related to the Google browser. Still other sites say that it originates from either Germany or Pakistan. Whatever it is, I don't want it on my computer but I can't find it anywhere on the computer so I can't delete it. When I scan with Malwarebytes it doesn't detect it either. It seems a bit odd that Malwarebytes blocks it when it tries to send messages from my email account without my knowledge yet it doesn't find it during Malware scans?
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