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  1. Thank you so much for this help ..now it was so easy 😀
  2. Thank you very much , now is problem solved -I can again open Malwarebytes. please where to ask for help with licence, because now I want to register licence from inside the program which and it is said that it is already register.. I didn't have account when I activated program.. Now I don't see where deactivate if I will need to reinstall my windows 7 or change SSD? Please where to ask about this problem Now I see only that it is working but in my account there is no information about anything, licence or subscription.. nothing and no chat with support..
  3. Hello, I had so much trouble to create account and finally I did it ..but in changing passwords now I don't know with which password I am signed in.. If I want to reset my password the old one is not accepted .. (any of those that I tried when I signed up). Now I am afraid to sign out, because I will not be able to sign in.. Can you help me to change password so that I will remember it. I am logged in and my mail is Thank you for help! NovaZ
  4. sorry here is the file created with Malwarebytes support tool that I didn't attach in my previous post, complaining that Malwarebytes won't open.. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. Hello New installed and activated Malwarebytes premium v.4 cannot open and protection is disabled. I didn't do it.. . What to do?
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