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  1. Alright,thank you! I am very thankful for your services!
  2. I have noticed it is now inactive,and I managed to install malwarebytes. I ran a scan and it was something called Bladabindi or like that. I googled it up and it was njRAT.
  3. This is a desktop computer and I believe it was installed trough some insecure network i was connected at. I also noticed strange apps transfering with weird strings,and whenever i put these into virustotal,the tab closes,but this time not the browser,but only the tab.
  4. Still gets closed. I feel like im being monitored every day. I cant even boot into safe mode.
  5. sorry for my bad grammar,but im now in a bad situation. I have random webpages popping up,but those are not the usual adware ones. These are not some "this man makes millions from (something)." these ads are very idiotic as things like "themostamazingwebsite.com" or something like that. Then,random popup messages with kinda funny labels show up like "hi" and there is only a OK button. I havent noticed something being stolen like my money from my bank or things,not even passwords. I suspect that its a trojan. Everytime i try to open task manager,it closes down. Everytime i search up for any antivirus software,browser turns off. Please help!
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