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  1. Thank you. I did not think that turning that toggle off would apply to all previous threats that were blocked. If turning ransomware protection off, re-activates all previous files that were block. It would unblock Excel.exe which is good. But then it would also unblock any real threats that also may have been blocked. It would be nice to have the option to unblock one file that is in error, rather then all or nothing.
  2. I already downloaded the support tool and did the 'Gather the logs' earlier today (around noon). (Funny, I thought that by downloading this tool, it will repair my Excel, but it did not, it just did the logs)
  3. Yes, it would be nice to know how remove 'blocks' that were placed in error. Thank you.
  4. I could not find how to disable ransomware protection (aka bring back blocked files) and I was already late on my deadline.
  5. Just do what I did. UNINSTALL Malwarebytes! Reboot Then run Office Repair. Settings --> Apps > Select office --> Modify --> Repair
  6. Yesterday at 4pm all my productivity stopped. Malwarebytes reported that Ransom ware was found on my PC. Today, I cancelled everything - so I can spend the day to check my computer carefully. Turned out that Malwarebytes BLOCKED my Excel thinking it is Ransome ware. Now I can NO LONGER access my Excel files! I tried to call Malwarebytes - but they don't answer on Saturday. I am a premium Malwarebytes member. To add insult to injury, I have checked online and saw that this issue has occurred multiple times since December 2019. But I could not find solutions
  7. Thank you. Yes the Version, Update Package Version & Component Package Version are all update. Glad it was resolved quickly
  8. Thank you for your reply. I did the 'Check for Updates', and it did say 'Installing updates' Interestingly the Malwarebytes version is still Version 4.0.4 I don't know if the BSOD will happened again. I have never seen it on my PC before in Malwarebytes or in any other application. (I have had my PC for just over a year)
  9. I was working on my PC and suddenly I got the "Blue Screen of Death" on mwac.sys and I lost all my work for the last 2 hours! :( I am a Malwarebytes Premium user. After looking it up the file online, I saw that it is part of Malwarebytes I have Malwarebytes Premium Ver 4.0.4
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