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  1. So the second windows defender scan came up with nothing. I also tried to make a bootable usb with windows defender offline on it, but my laptop would not let me. I then created the bootable usb on another PC where it worked just fine. So I tried booting my laptop from the usb, but then it would get stuck on the "Starting Windows" logo with a red bar across the screen (See attached image). So I am not able to run the Windows Defender offline scan. I ran the test you mentioned in your previous reply, but it only detected uTorrent as a potentially unwanted application. I have attached the log file., Eset_scan.txt
  2. Hi Maurice, Thank you for your reply. Apologies for the mention of the task manager. I just found it curious that my laptops fans would be running loudly even if I am not doing anything computationally intensive. As soon as I would open task manager to see what is up the fans would quiet down and everything seemed normal in terms of processes. I have run a full Avast scan and it came up with nothing. I did run the mbar scan, but it came up with nothing. The log file is attached. I tried running the offline scan but my PC would restart and then go into recovery mode and not actually run the scan. I have now uninstalled Avast and Malwarebytes to allow Windows Defender to be the primary antivirus on my system. I ran a full scan with Windows Defender just now and it found a "Trojan:XML/Phish.J!eml" located in "AppData\Local\Packages\microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\Files\S0\2220\Attachments\Amazon-Service-Center[4596].docx->docProps/app.xml". This might potentially solve my problem? I will run another full scan now. Kind regards, Christian mbar-log-2020-01-29 (21-06-13).txt
  3. Hi there, I have noticed that my laptop sometimes runs really loudly even if I am not really doing anything CPU intensive. When I open task manager to investigate I see that the CPU is running at near 100%, but when I want to see what is drawing so much power it suddenly drops to 18%. I saw another post where someone discovered a bitcoin miner on their system, but I am not sure if is that and if it is then it is hidden very well. I have run the Malwarebytes Threat scan, which found nothing. I am currently running a custom scan that includes both hard drives but it is taking very long. I also ran the AdwCleaner, which found two PUPs. I have yet to discover if that worked. I also ran the Farbar recovery scan. All the log files are attached. Could you help me out please? My specs are: i7-8750H Processor, 12Gb ram, GTX 1050 Addition.txt FRST.txt AdwCleaner[C03].txt Malwarebytes threat scan 1.txt
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