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  1. Maurice, I cannot express how much I am thankful for your help, thank you! At the moment, everything seems great, and I cannot see any clear effects of the virus, although the NativeDesktopMediaService is still in my programs list for some reason. I will work towards trying to update Windows, as it still does not work for me.
  2. Hello Maurice, Sorry for taking so long. Here is the report: roguekillerreport.txt
  3. Huh, that's weird. It says that there are 0 threats, just like the previous logs. NativeDesktopMediaService is still on my computer however, and on certain websites it still creates popups. It is not as bad as before though, as I have just seen a popup on a website for the first time in a while today. I can't find it running in the processes and the folder of this is nowhere to be seen. I am still trying to make the updates work.
  4. Thanks, I have updated my post following the Sysnative instructions. Here are the log reports: Fixlog.txt Rkill.txt
  5. Hello Maurice, sorry for the absence. I will work on the instructions tomorrow, I didn't have the chance to today. P.S. This is the forum I had started on the update issue, there's probably no use for you but just an update on what I have been doing. https://www.sysnative.com/forums/threads/windows-update-error-0x80070006.30522/
  6. For the error from the windows update history, I found the "View Update History" screen completely blank. I tried getting the error with systeminfo in command prompt and Powershell, but next to the line Hotfix(s), it says N/A. I am currently trying to find the folder that the virus I suspected is located in.
  7. By the way, one potential virus I have currently is this one, if it's any help:
  8. Hello Maurice, sorry for forgetting to introduce myself, I completely missed the first part of your first message. My name is Max, and thank you so much for helping me thus far.
  9. Hello, when I went to update it gave me this error: There were some problems installing updates, but we'll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x80070424) I have looked to find workarounds and I believe it's simply because I do not have the Windows update service.
  10. Here it is, I wasn't sure what scan to do so I did the quick scan: msert.log
  11. Hello, I did get the Fixlog attached below, but was unable to do the Windows Defender Offline Scan. I tried running it in various ways in and out of administrator mode, but I would click on it and nothing would happen. I have tried clean booting, manually doing the offline scan, etc. but nothing would work. Windows Defender now works though. I suspect that the malware is preventing this, is there anyway to bypass this, what should I do? Thank you! Fixlog.txt
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