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  1. HELP! SOS! MAY-DAY. This is a question for an advanced Computer Expert. As soon as I have my MacPro “cleaned” at the Mac Store, I notice that it is defaulted to accept Apps from developers. As a result, hundreds and hundreds of controlling apps are downloaded on my computer remotely and deprive me of my privileges. Most of the apps are preceded by COM.APPLE with extensions. I immediately change the toggle to accept from theApple Store only, but someone is remotely changing it back to accept third party developer apps. AppleStore techs are I sufficiently trained and are a waste of time. I am unable to delete these apps permanently as the trash itself has an extension and the deleted malicious developer apps are soon returned to my computer. Malwarebytes does not recognize these extensions as malware. Looking for someone who is advanced with an “out of the box” approach to guide me to find the hidden Internet Wi-fi that a thug installed on my MacPro since these apps appear while I am not connected to my Wi-Fi, leading me to One conclusion - there is a hidden Wi-Fi connected somewhere on my MAC.
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