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  1. Hey Porthos, in the cloud based endpoint protection suite, the only option when right clicking the tray icon is to "start a threat scan", which is why i closed the console via task manager.
  2. Hey thisisu, thank you for the prompt reply! I've tried deleting the hubblecache file as a domain admin and local admin and both produce this error: I ended the "Malware Bytes Endpoint Protection" process via taskmanager, there's a "malwarebytes service" process as well that says, "access is denied" Could this process be what's hindering the ability to delete that cache? Thanks again
  3. Hello, i'm trying to install a tool used for medical billing on a user's computer in an enterprise environment. For Skilled Nursing Facility patients on a Fee-for-service medical plan, this pricer is used to take diagnoses codes and turn them into billing codes with a monetary value. Since medicare guidelines and approved codes change so often, the only way to bill accurately is to use their tool. In the past I've downloaded them from CMS' website ( https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Medicare-Fee-for-Service-Payment/PCPricer/SNF ). As of today, our Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is grabbi
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