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  1. Thanks ran the MB app. Everything seems ok. I Never did get the printer to install. I finally got HP support to get it installed. But now the scan to computer from the printer no longer works, HP blamed ALL the printer problems on Win-10 updates I have to agree. It really sucks when the OS won't let you install a printer. If I wanted these kind of problems with drivers I would have used Linux. I have been using computers sense Edlin was a thing. Thanks for your help when I find the time to VMware an OS I will run the App. TakeOwnershipEX and post the results in case someone cares
  2. I went around and around with windows trying to change the ownership of a whole mass of files after a failed HP printer install (thank you windows update) after a day of failed attempts I resorted to this App it worked. and let me have ownership. I was hoping someone at MB would run the App just to see what it did. Silly me. I will setup a VM drive and and see what it does. I will also follow your advice and run the MB support tool Thanks, Mick
  3. After scaning this App. with Malwarebytes Premium and Win. Defender I installed this App.on windows 10 using Revo Unstaller Pro. (RU). The RU log said one of Malwarebytes was overwritten. I opened a support ticket 2881572 with questions. the answer was " From my research, it seems legitimate" This is in regards to the file TakeOwnershipEX.zip and was referred to this forum. I uninstalled the App.using RU unfortunately the log was deleted I was hoping someone would run the App. and see what it did. My unanswered questions are 1. What file of Malwarebites was overwritten and why. 2. I need to reinstall Malwarebytes I would think any App. overwritting any MB file would not be a good thing. Thanks, Mick TakeOwnershipEx.zip
  4. I have a registered copy of Keepvid Music when I try to use it i get blocked by Malwarebytes saying Fraud. there is no reference to keepvid on the malwarebytes website. I did find something about pop up. How does malwarebytes determine a fraudulent site? and what are the risks if going there anyway the last block was cbs.keepvid.com
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