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  1. Ran the support tool, did the cleanup, restarted the PC and the install failed. As the installation was running a command prompt briefly appeared with text saying DNS sever is OK and then the malware reinstalled itself again. I can block the installation of the malware after removing it with the anti-rootkit and disconnecting from the internet before my PC has restated, but as soon as I try to install an anti-malware program the malware manages to re-install itself. Also there is an executable file that was created the same time malware installed itself called winnts that may be one of the reasons the malware perpetuates itself and it isn't being detected by the anti-rootkit. Strange that this malware installed itself soon after I had my internet modem replaced and was browsing a website called twitch.tv which is owned by Amazon which I don't think allows their websites to be cesspools for malware.
  2. I Can run the anti-rootkit. Here's the log. mbar-log-2020-01-27 (08-46-47).txt
  3. As an addendum to my previous post, the malware appears to a cryptocurrency miner virus called lsma12.exe for what it's worth.
  4. As I suspected, uninstalling Malwarebytes via the support tool and trying to re-install it resulted in the malware infecting my PC to re-install itself and block the install.
  5. My operating system is Windows 7 and I'm not using any anti-virus programs. My problem started today when a technician from Spectrum came to my house to fix signal issues that I was experiencing. The technician managed to fix the issues by replacing my dying modem, but less than 2 hours after the technician left I saw what looked like a command prompt mentioning something about a DNS server. Concerned I attempted to run Malwarebytes but it appeared to have been uninstalled. Not being able to install Malwarebytes I tried to run the Mbar program which found about 15 different kinds of malware on my PC. After choosing the clean option in Mbar the PC restarted to complete the removal of the malware and it seemed to have remove the malware but when I tried to install Malwarebytes again the malware seemed to have installed itself again in the same manner. Sorry for the long post, just trying to inform you of my situation. mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. I just had a technician from Spectrum repair issues I was having with my internet and soon afterwards when I open both Firefox and Chrome I got the about:blank pages. Concerned I was going to run Malwarebytes, but the program appeared to have been uninstalled so I tried to install it again but was met with the message that I couldn't. Also there was a point soon after the technician had left when browsing there appeared to be a command prompt quickly appear and disappear. Any help is appreciated.
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