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  1. Fixed! I downloaded the new version and no problems. In all fairness though this problem may have been revived by the graphics card and not an actual issue with MB itself. Thanks for your help and support!
  2. Yes. This device has been giving me trouble also. I deactivated it first before I found out it was still locking up. I'll try the new version and post an update. Thanks again.
  3. I was told in November that this issue was fixed and indeed my computer has worked well with Malwarebytes for about a month. Latest update from windows seems to have started this all over again. Black screen after iI open my laptop have to do a hard restart. Turned off Malwarebytes and problem went away. Is anybody else having this issue?
  4. Been over three months. I sure miss my Malwarebytes, any idea when this will be fixed?
  5. Anyway to know if this issue is fixed? I have uninstalled Malwarebytes till this is resolved and would like to re-install it.
  6. I originally assumed the latest Windows update was the culprit. Worked on it for a couple of days till I finally found posts here. I have had MWB for 8+ years with several computers and no issues. I did not even consider MWB the source of my problems and I know this will be fixed soon. I have lost no respect for this product.
  7. I have both issues also. Started with my wireless device being turned off then my laptop shutting down when trying to enter sleep mode. Disabling had no effect I had to uninstall Malwarebytes, turn on Windows defender and now everything is fine.
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