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  1. Im waiting since days here is no responses still, im kindly asking please help me out
  2. Hey i have found a version of "Auslogics Driver Updater" 2 Days ago and i thought it was legit version so dowloaded and installed but today i realised it wast a official release and my McAfee deleted its shfolder.dll as its flagged as "trojan" on its live protection and also im using malwarebytes it flagged app as PUP too. Now after AV deleted shfolder.dll malware my apps started giving error when i try to start them (Example office word started not working with error code (0xc0000142)) i have used it 2 days ago but it got detected today so i am pretty sure it has more infections caused by that dll already. I need help to disinfect this malware fully. Im using licenced McAfee + MalwareBytes Premium currently but both active protections not blocked this application till 2 days. I have uploaded that deleted dll to virustotal here its result : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/87b222de6476c93a9d2d5cbed3a242cc4f44ed30e783aad2d2001cd2f98b9a32/detection Attached my FRST logs and i dont know if McAfee has logging system but i uploaded screenshot of its detection too, FRST.txt Addition.txt
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