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  1. Thank you @Porthos > So, then > it looks like I have version 3 MB protection. But, like I said, I get told that updates are not compatible, and I think they mean for my computer. Possibly these updates are for another MB version. So, I am curious > can my Mac system receive updates of version 3? And is there something I should be doing to get better protection, please? Thank you 😊 Bill
  2. Thank you @alvarnell I looked at the page, but it is not clear how it applies to me. My Mac is OS X Yosemite, and it says Version 10.10.5 On the page I see > OS X Yosemite 10.10 - macOS Catalina 10.15 > then under "Versions" it says v3.9.32 > and next it tells how to install version 3 Is this where my Version 10.10.5 fits in? I looked to see what my Malwarebytes server is called, but there is no mention of a version 3 or any other; it just says I am protected. I have already installed what is called Premium protection, and it says I am protected. So, do I already have a version which does protect me, but it can't be upgraded? Thank you 😊 Bill
  3. I keep getting update notices, but then it says my Mac is not compatible with the update, but I am not given any recommendations about what to do. And my Malwarebytes service keeps saying I am being scanned and do not have any problems. A Mac tech recommended I get this service, but did not say anything about getting incompatible updates. So, I am curious what service I am getting and if there is anything I should be doing. Thanks 😊 Bill
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