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  1. Thanks. I'll try the steps above first. Unfortunately, the pricing program goes from family 10 devices down to 3 which is very cost prohibitive. Probably will need to find another solution in the long run if the pricing structure doesn't change.
  2. Thanks, but it's not from the router, the router is just reporting that it's detected malware on device x. But when I scan any of the devices, Malwarebytes says there's no malware. It's reported on different devices, Mac, PC, and mobile devices.
  3. I keep getting alerts from my router that devices have malware, but when I scan using Malwarebytes, it does not detect any malware on any of the identified devices. Is there a setting in Malwarebytes to find these hidden malware. Router is Gryphon. Using Malwarebytes 3 Pro
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