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  1. I disabled some of my extensions and it seems to be working better so far.
  2. Thank you treed. It's possible it's just coincidence that everything stopped loading at the same time. Pages hang even on "waiting for www.google.com" and so on. Sometimes won't load at all, then will load on the second attempt. What I don't understand is, they load fine in the incognito window. So Moatads is legitimate and not indicative of a virus?
  3. Hi, I'll say first I'm on an older system (Mountain Lion) and can't update at this time. Which also means I can't run the latest Malwarebytes. So I need advice. The other day I clicked on a story-ad type link which took me to a page which was infected. It prompted me to install one of those "you're infected, install this to get rid of your malware" links. Which I of course did not . I closed out of the page, out of the browser, and then went back in and removed the two other entries that were installed for it in the history. Beyond that, I don't know what to remove. The older version of Malwarebytes found nothing. Since then, it seems my browsers are having trouble (they are also older, so likely vulnerable, but they're the latest versions I can run on my system). I've listed here some of the page activity while loading - assume most of it is legitimate, but it's just very slow. They hang every time I try to load something. They hang loading thumbnails on Youtube (waiting for i.ytimg.com) and Facebook (wating for static.xxfbcdn.net, scontent.ftpa1-2.fna.fbcdn.net, waiting for 0-edge-chat.facebook.com). Hangs also waiting for gmail. Etc. CNN loads but sometimes hangs. d.agkn.com . Tried to search (the search was about RCA antennas) and it loaded about.blank and said waiting on clickserve.dartsearch.net. Search also hangs on www.google.com, fonts.googleapis.com. TOday I went to the Fox News site (not a fan, but I wanted to see what the headlines were in contrast to other news sites) and it hung for the longest time on "performing a tls handshake to v4.moatoads.com" and the fans began to run. Then, transferring data from rtd-tm-everesttech.net, transferring data from v4.moatads.com. Then some that sounded more legitimate like googletagmanager.com, sbscorecardresearch.net, google.com, then securepubadsg.doubleclick.net, fundingchoicemessages.google.com, pagead2googlesyndication.com, more moatads, and a few things like foxnewsplayer-a.akamaihd.net and simliar. They will load, and the other times I load the pages, they hang. Hangs on searches too and I sometimes have to reload the page. Incognito windows load fine and faster. Thanks The browsers are Chrome 49.0.2623.112 (64-bit) and Waterfox Classic.
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